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Holborn Wells India  offers design, development & supply of life sciences products & reagents for emerging markets. The team consists of experts with  decades of experience in design & development in their respective field of expertise.

Due to high and improved rapidity, sensitivity, reproducibility and affordability for quality results Holborn Wells products have engendered wider acceptance of its products globally. We also offer customization service for design and development of  assays for research labs and indust

Innovation to optimize and deliver affordable life sciences solutions

Our Products

Molecular Diagnostics

Holborn Wells India offers real time RT-PCR based test kits for identification and detection of
various disease segments such as infectious diseases & oncology.  

Cell Culture Media & Buffers

Explore our classic Cell Culture Media & Buffers along with our innovative and proprietary Solutions for specific cultures and cell preservation

Consumables & Industry Standards

Trust on Holborn Wells Products for your daily consumables, Ultra-Pure Nuclease Free water or PH reference solutions.

Holborn Wells India products are prepared under the supervision of well-trained scientists in the field to achieve high stability and reproducibility, with affordability to wide range of users from research lab to industry. All batches are produced & rigorously validated in our ISO 13485 facility with ISO 7 cleanrooms.


Our Services


Holborn Wells  offers various computational and information technology solutions along with wet lab validation  to the life science, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Molecular Docking

Holborn Wells offers variety of molecular docking for protein molecules & protein-protein systems to identify and analyze interactions .


Virtual Screening

We offer services such as screening target set of chemical compounds. We can accumulate the compounds as per client requirements and screen/analyze against the target , 


Structure Based Drug Designing

We can help you design new and improved compounds. Three-dimensional structural information is very valuable to map ligand interactions -computational techniques offers precious analysis /insights to advance drug design and drug discovery process


Computer Aided Drug Design

 We design and optimize lead compounds through computer simulation, calculation and estimation of the relationship between the drug and the acceptor biomacromolecule.


Holborn Wells is committed to deliver products& services to the highest standards exceeding expectations of our customers and stakeholders. We work with highest of ethical standards in everything we do. We rigorously control and monitor our internal processes to ensure Quality Management System required by ISO 13485 highest quality materials and assembled with the most advanced techniques available. Further, Holborn Wells United Kingdom offers data and analytics services for the healthcare sector.

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Life science reagents are pre-requisite to research and diagnostic laboratories. Specially, during and after the covid-19 pandemic there is huge increase in demand of the life science reagents.  Holborn Wells life science reagents are prepared with highest purity to meet international industry standard. The performance of theses affordable Holborn Wells life science reagents are rigorously tested and evaluated.


Scientific and technological advancement in molecular, cellular, physical and natural science in recent past has open doors for opportunities to develop solutions with reliable and quick results. Holborn Wells research focuses on developing innovative products & Solutions that can enhance organic products and also, replace serum-based solutions.

Contract Manufacturing & Regulatory Consulting Service

Holborn Wells India offers research & contract services for wide range of products. Our end-to-end service also ensures that we guide you through each regulatory steps for local jurisdictions such as loan license or requirements by local CDSCO and health authorities.


Holborn Wells in Media



Another development was recently marked by UK-based Holborn Wells by establishing an in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) business unit in India.......manufacture a portfolio of over 150 IVD products to market within 2022.

The expansion of Holborn Wells’ operations to the Asian market coincides with the appointment of Sudhanshu Srivastava as the new CEO for the proposed India and Asia manufacturing hub. Mr Srivastava was previously the business unit head for Eurofins India and brings with him over 25-years’ experience in the healthcare and diagnostic sectors.
.. “We see our new Holborn Wells manufacturing base in India as being an important step towards the positive impact molecular diagnostics can have in the region over the next decade and beyond.




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Holborn Wells India Ltd

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